Nano ATX

  Nano ATX

Nano-ITX is a computer motherboard form factor first proposed by VIA Technologies at CeBIT in March 2003, and implemented in late 2005. Nano-ITX boards measure 120 × 120 mm (4.7 × 4.7 in), and are fully integrated, very low power consumption motherboards with many uses, but targeted at smart digital entertainment devices such as PVRs, set-top boxes, media centers, car PCs, and thin devices.
There are four Nano-ITX motherboard product lines so far, VIA's EPIA N, EPIA NL, EPIA NX, and the VIA EPIA NR. These boards currently have 5 processor speeds: 533 MHz, 800 MHz, 1 GHz, 1.2 GHz, and 1.5 GHz.

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Mini-ITX 2.0 was announced in 2008 and the first board to support the Nano CPU, the VB8001, was sold in October 2008.

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